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The first fitness facility that utilizes state-of-the-art, self-spotting, strength-training with using Body Format training that enable our team members to do interval group weight training securely and perform core strengthening and full body workouts safely while building lean muscle mass and boosting your metabolism.

We Intensify your workouts and you’ll increase strength, cardiovascular health, while improving your stamina. Achieve your fitness goals by first visiting our unique group interval training studio in Hauppauge NY. Then become that lean, mean, calorie-burning machine!

Heart-pumping interval group training classes utilize very little machines. Also in our personal trainers fat burning arsenal are rowers, battle ropes, TRX, slam balls, and even your own body weight. Our experienced, Certified Professional Trainers design their own training programs, guaranteeing every session is effective at helping your reach your fitness goals in the quickest time possible.

We are a true small group training facility, but with an edge, a new technology not offered anywhere else on Long Island, or anywhere else for that matter. The benefits of group interval strength training are scientifically proven to build lean muscle mass, control your body weight, increase your stamina, and also manages chronic conditions like back pain, arthritis, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc. New scientific evidence shows it can even help sharpen focus among adults. Fact: Aging decreases muscle mass. Use it or you lose it!

Get more done in less time! Our small groups provide a complete, total body, metabolism revving, weight and cardio workout in 45 minutes! It’s not how long you workout but how well you workout.

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The Mental Aspect is Incredible and CarriesOver Into Other Parts of Life

When you’re going up against a course as daunting as the Dynamic Ninja challenge, you’ll need all the concentration and focus that you can get.

Undergoing such tasks forces you to get into a flow state, where your mind is clear and you are able to live in the moment and react accordingly. Many people that train With us also meditate to add to their ability to clear their mind.

As you might expect, being able to continuously face and meet these challenges improves your fortitude and mental strength across the board. You’ll be better equipped to handle other obstacles in your life, from work to personal relationships.

You Get to See Tangible Improvements

You don’t have to wait long to notice improvements when you train with and take our diverse class like Ultimate Spin and Hot Fire Zumba you will see the work is so demanding, you will likely see very little success in the beginning, but will quickly begin seeing baby steps of improvement.

These improvements are huge confidence boosters that will make you feel like a superhero.

Sure, improving your bench press by a couple of pounds at a time can be great too, but nothing beats knowing you’re a few steps closer to becoming a Ninja Warrior.

Move over Golds Gym and 24-Hour Fitness — Ninja Warrior is an elite workout that can help you out in a lot of ways. With these benefits in mind, start scoping out training near you.


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