Drop and Give Me Ten! Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of Bootcamp Exercises

If you want to get in shape, you should start doing bootcamp exercises!

What is a bootcamp workout, you ask? Well, a bootcamp workout is a group of high-intensity interval training fitness exercises that are put together to help people get in shape.

Bootcamp workouts tend to last about an hour. When it comes to leadership, bootcamp workouts are usually led by personal trainers or military personnel. A bootcamp workout routine can even be hosted by a specialized gym.

Within a bootcamp workout routine, there can be everything from stretching to weight lifting to interval training, yoga, and more.

To prove to you just how great of an exercise option bootcamp workouts are, we are going to tell you all about the different benefits of bootcamp exercise programs.

Get ready to sweat!

1. Weight-Loss

Because of the high-intensity of bootcamp exercises, people are known to lose tons of weight when participating in bootcamp workout routines on a regular basis. Part of the reason why people tend to lose so much weight when doing bootcamp workout programs is that the combination of high-intensity interval exercises within a bootcamp workout is known to make the body burn calories fast. Porcari’s study even found that, on average, participants of bootcamp exercise programs burn 7.8 calories every ten minutes.

In fact, many bootcamp leaders and hosts will tweak the environment that a bootcamp workout is held in just to make the body stimulate more calorie burning. For example, when bootcamp exercises are held indoors, some personal trainers and gyms will increase the temperature of the room that the bootcamp workout routine is in so that the people participating in the bootcamp will sweat more and lose more calories with every movement they make. To help the participants of bootcamp workout programs maximize and maintain their weight loss, many bootcamp workout programs will go as far as to include education on what the participants’ dietary intake should look like.

2. They Improve Your Mental Health

Exercise of any kind is known to help the body release endorphins. The body’s release of endorphins help make us humans feel happy. Thus, performing regular intense workouts, such as those included in bootcamp exercises, can improve your mental health.

The release of endorphins when performing bootcamp exercises also improves one’s mood. This is because the body’s endorphins dispel stress hormones.

Bootcamp workout programs also help improve the mental health of its participants by setting challenging goals for them that they soon achieve. Accomplishing a goal of any kind makes people feel proud of themselves, which in turn, improves their mental health.

The fact that many bootcamp exercise programs are performed in groups also helps improve the mental health of its participants. This is because of the social engagement and supportive atmosphere that group workouts provide.

Having a group to work out with also provides bootcamp program participants with people to help keep them accountable for their workouts. This will help the bootcamp participants achieve the workout goals that they set for themselves. Bootcamp participants achieving their exercise goals will also improve their mental health and self-esteem.  

If you want to set your day up for success and happiness, a great way to do so is to participate in a bootcamp workout routine first thing in the morning.

3. They Build Your Strength and Muscle

Because many of the exercises within a bootcamp workout focus around strength building, participating in bootcamp exercises is a perfect way to help build muscle. The fact that bootcamp workouts are high-intensity interval driven means that every muscle group is worked out within the exercise routine. For example, bootcamp exercises like planks, sit-ups, and mountain climbers will help build muscle in a person’s core.

Bootcamp exercises like bicep curls and tricep kickbacks, along with push-ups and walking planks will help build muscle in participants’ arms. Bootcamp exercises like squats and lunges will help build muscle in a person’s legs and glutes. There are even exercises within a bootcamp workout routine that help build muscle in the back.

If you are worried that all these muscle-building exercises will make you appear too bulky, don’t. Due to the exchange between muscle building, cardio and endurance, and stretching exercises, the muscles that you build while participating in bootcamp exercises will be nice and lean.

4. They Improve Your Aerobic Endurance

Because there is a significant amount of cardio exercises within a bootcamp workout routine, participating in bootcamp exercises is a great way to increase your aerobic endurance. Aerobic endurance is a cardio exercise that uses oxygen and pumps that oxygen throughout your heart and active body.

Aerobic endurance is a great way to improve your overall health. Aerobic endurance combined with strength training, like done in bootcamp exercises, is also a great way to boost your energy. Examples of aerobic endurance exercises include running, jogging, jumping jacks, squat thrusts, push-ups, and more.

4. They Improve Your Aerobic Endurance

All the aerobic endurance and strength building exercises within a high-intensity interval bootcamp workout routine help increase one’s heart rate. By quickly increasing and decreasing your heart rate during a bootcamp workout, you are working out your heart. This, in turn, helps improve your cardiovascular performance and overall heart health.

6. They Improve Your Overall Coordination and Balance

Athletes are some of the most coordinated and balanced people on earth. By performing high-intensity interval boot camp exercises on a regular basis, you are turning yourself into an athlete. Thus, you will improve your coordination and balance skills.

It’s like what people always say, practice makes perfect. Certain aspects of a bootcamp workout routine that will help you improve your overall coordination and balance include balancing lifting weights while performing body movements, and any hand-eye coordinating movement such as jumping rope, throwing punches, and more.

7. They Improve Your Metabolism

One of the health benefits of boot camp is the improvement of your metabolism. Metabolism is the chemical process that occurs in our bodies to keep us alive. Metabolism also affects our weight.

If you have a healthy metabolism, your body will use its chemicals to process food fast so that you do not gain much weight. That is why someone with a fast metabolism will lose weight easier than those with a slow metabolism.

By working out your entire body and improving your overall health through bootcamp exercises, your metabolism will improve as well. As a result, you will be better able to lose weight and maintain your ideal size.

8. They Provide You With a Variety of Exercises

Like we already stated, bootcamp exercises are high-intensity interval training workouts. As a result, bootcamp workout routines provide you with a variety of types of exercises. That way you will never get bored.

The different types of exercises included in a bootcamp workout include cardio, aerobic endurance, weight lifting, yoga, and more. Within these major exercise type categories, there are hundreds of individual types of exercises that you can perform. For example, different cardio exercises include running, jogging, doing jumping jacks, jumping rope, performing dance steps, and more.

Different aerobic endurance exercises also include things like running and jogging, along with things like push-ups, squat thrusts, and more. Different forms of weight lifting include weighted squats, bicep curls, deadlift exercises, dumbbell exercises, and more. Finally, yoga exercises can include everything from stretching to core muscle building.

9. They Require Little Equipment

Because there are so many ways to utilize just your own body when performing cardio and muscle building exercises, you do not need much equipment during a bootcamp workout routine. This is great for those that do not want to have to spend tons of money buying different machines and heavy weights just to get a total body workout.

10. They Can Be Done Anywhere

Bootcamp exercises not requiring much equipment also means that bootcamp workout programs can be done pretty much anywhere. This means you can take your bootcamp workout routine outside. For those that prefer working out in a fitness facility with air conditioning, feel free to enroll in one that hosts bootcamp workouts.

If you like to workout indoors but want it to still be hot to increase the difficulty level of your workout, perform your bootcamp workout inside with the air temperature up as hot as you can take it. If you want to exercise from the comfort of your own home, download a high-intensity interval bootcamp workout program and you are good to go. When it comes to boot camp workout locations, the world is your oyster.

Reasons Why Boot Camp Exercises May Not Be For You

As healthy as bootcamp exercises are, it may not be wise to do them if you have certain health conditions. 

If you have heart disease, you may want to start exercising with a light workout routine and slowly progress from there instead of starting with bootcamp exercises. With a health condition such as heart disease, you should again check in with your doctor before starting a bootcamp workout to be safe. Your doctor may suggest that you start exercising in a cardiac rehab program before going out and doing any intense workouts on your own. 

If you suffer from health conditions like arthritis, knee pain, or back pain, you should do a lower impact workout instead of a high-intensity interval workout like the ones that are in bootcamp exercises. This is because doing high-intensity interval exercises while suffering from such joint or back pain could worsen your condition.

Bootcamp Exercises While Pregnant

Unless you were already performing high-intensity interval bootcamp exercises on a daily basis prior to getting pregnant, we also advise that you do not participate in bootcamp exercises during pregnancy. This is because if your body is not already used to performing such intense workouts on a daily basis prior to pregnancy, it will not be able to healthily handle it during pregnancy. Even if your body is used to performing high-intensity interval exercises on a daily basis, you will still have to slow it down a bit and make some adjustments to those exercises as your pregnancy progresses.

Slowing down and making adjustments to your more intense workouts during pregnancy is important because it is not healthy for the body’s joints to endure high-impact pressure during pregnancy like the kind that is put on your joints during intense exercises. Also, because your lungs do not have as much room when your belly grows, you will not be able to breathe as well during intense exercises while pregnant as you would have prior to your pregnancy. This means that it is easier for your body to overheat during an intense workout when you are pregnant.

Because your body overheating is bad for the baby, high-intensity interval exercises are something you should avoid during the later months of your pregnancy. To still enjoy working out while pregnant, do less intense exercises such as water aerobics or speed walking.

Things to Remember To Do Before Committing to a Bootcamp Exercise Program

To discover the benefits of bootcamp exercise programs, observe one bootcamp exercise class prior to committing yourself to the program. Also, make sure to check the education and qualifications of your bootcamp instructors prior to committing to a bootcamp exercise program.

Even if you struggle with your bootcamp exercise program the first week or so, do not give up. Remember that there is a deep learning curve for bootcamp exercise program beginners.

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